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CES 2019: EVGA RTX 2080Ti Kingpin, RTX 2060, Nu Audio and Z390 DARK

Much like most AiBs at CES this week, EVGA turned up with its new lineup of RTX 2060 graphics cards. However, there was plenty more on show, including a new sound card, a new Z390 motherboard and perhaps most excitingly, an early look at the RTX 2080Ti Kingpin edition.

EVGA has three RTX 2060s in its lineup (six if you count ‘Black Editions'), so for the initial rollout, there will be an RTX 2060, an RTX 2060 SC and an RTX 2060 XC, each with various clock speeds. The EVGA RTX 2060 SC will be coming in at around the $350 mark with a small out of the box overclock. The XC model is a step above that with extra power phases and more clock speed headroom. Both editions are single-fan but the RTX 2060 XC Ultra bumps up to a dual-fan cooler, which will help further with overclocking. Every RTX 2060 on show this week comes with 6GB of GDDR6 memory.

Next up we have the new EVGA Z390 DARK, a brand new motherboard for Intel's latest chipset. The board is slightly larger than E-ATX and is built for the extreme high-end of the market, which is reflected in the $499 price point. Design-wise, EVGA has rotated the CPU socket by 90-degrees to run parallel to the top of your chassis. The VRMs are all then cooled by a large heatsink. The idea is that by tweaking things this way, air can pass through the case and over the heatsink/CPU unimpeded and straight out through the rear of the case.

There are loads of other useful features for overclockers too, including the ability to flash the BIOS without a CPU connected, a multi-function POST indicator with LEDs to show readings for temperatures, voltages etc. Other bits include a 17-phase digital VRM, integrated WiFi, reinforced PCIe slots, triple BIOS support and audio processing courtesy of Creative.

The Nu Audio sound card is coming out this year and is built in partnership with Audio Note, a UK-based sound specialist. The features are familiar to other sound cards on the market, including digital and analog audio processing, specialised capacitors and resistors across the card to remove distortion etc. If you have a high-end pair of speakers or headphones, then one of these should drive them better than standard on-board audio.

Finally, we come to the RTX 2080Ti Kingpin. We've seen one new ultra high-end RTX 2080Ti this week from Asus. As you would expect, EVGA has one of its own on the way, falling under the familiar Kingpin branding. This is going to be EVGA's flagship, with a hybrid cooler with a 120mm AIO hooked up. There is a new display on the side of the card, which can show any of the information you'll find in Precision X, so GPU temperatures, clock speeds, voltages, etc. Finally, this card packs three 8-pin ATX power connectors, as Jacob told us in the video above, the VRMs on this RTX 2080Ti are capable of outputting more than 500W of power, so this is a serious high-end overclocking GPU.

The price and exact release date is still to be announced but we'll hopefully have more on that front soon.

KitGuru Says: New graphics cards, new motherboards and even a little something for the audio enthusiasts out there. EVGA appears to be casting its net out even further this year.

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