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CES 2019: Patriot Viper peripherals and SSDs

We stopped by at the Patriot Memory suite for our final stop at CES today, taking a look at new SSDs, RAM and peripherals for the PC market. 

First up is the Burst SSD, which is your standard SATA 2.5-inch drive. As you would expect, speeds top out at 560Mbps on sequential read speeds and 540Mbps for sequential write speeds. The Viper VPN100 is a little more interesting, as it is an NVMe PCIe Gen 3 SSD with capacities between 256GB and 2TB. It even comes shrouded in its own heatsink, which will hopefully assist in better cooling and longer peak performance.

The Evlvr is also quite neat. This is an external SSD but rather than running on USB, it uses Thunderbolt 3, which paves the way for much faster transfer speeds.

The Viper V550 and V551 are code names that we have seen in the past. The latest revisions make the mouse a lot sleeker, with very tastefully done RGB lighting strips on both. Meanwhile, Patriot is also getting in on the RGB craze with some of its memory. The Viper RGB RAM modules have an RGB light bar at the top, and run the gamut in speeds and capacities, with some kits reaching as high as 4133MHz.

Finally, the Patriot Scorch is a new SSD, built using the M.2 form factor. The version we saw on show today is 512GB, with a Phison 5008 controller, an NVMe 1.2/PCIe Gen 3 interface and blazing fast speeds. For read speeds, this drive is capable of reaching up to 1,700MB/s and on write speeds, it is capable of going as high as 950MB/s, making it a good chunk faster than a SATA equivalent.

KitGuru Says: The V550 and V551 both look very nice with the newly implemented RGB lighting. Meanwhile, the Patriot Scorch sounds like an excellent performer on paper, it would be interesting to see one in for review at some point.

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