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Micron debuts world’s first 8Gb DDR3 memory chip

Micron Technology on Monday introduced the industry’s first monolithic 8Gb DDR3 memory component. Previously 8Gb memory chips were made by stacking together several 2Gb or 4Gb devices. 8Gb monolithic components will enable cost-effective, high-capacity solutions for servers.

“The ability to scale with our customers’ accelerating memory demand was a key driver in developing this 8Gb DDR3 design,” said Robert Feurle, vice president of compute and networking marketing at Micron. “We are committed to working together with our partners to minimize risk, maximize flexibility and optimize total cost of ownership.”

Micron’s monolithic 8Gb DDR3 memory device is made using 25nm process technology. One of the first commercial products based on the monolithic 8Gb DDR3 chips will be 32GB DDR3 RDIMM memory modules for servers.


Micron’s DDR3 portfolio includes 8Gb single-die and dual-die components, 32GB RDIMMs (dual rank), 64GB LRDIMMs, 32GB ECC SODIMMs and 16GB VLP ECC UDIMMs.

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KitGuru Says: It is likely that Micron’s rivals, such as Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix, will follow the company with monolithic DDR3 memory components shortly.

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