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Computex 2018: G.Skill breaks the world record for fastest DDR4 memory at 5543MHz

It’s day one of Computex 2018 in Taipei, Taiwan and G.Skill is already breaking records. Alongside launching its brand new ARES X DDR4 memory, a very Royal redesign of its Trident Z RGB series and a the KM670 mechanical keyboard, G.Skill has helped break the world record for fastest DDR4 memory.

Throughout the busy week, G.Skill is holding its ‘Annual Overclocking Events and System Mod Showcase’. Joined by MSI’s Kovan Yang, Toppc, Wizerty and Lucky_n00b, G.Skill’s own overclockers Hiwa, Steponz and l0udd_sil3nc3 managed to topple the record for the world’s fastest DD4 memory.

Achieving a staggering 5543MHz, G.Skill didn’t unveil the details of how it managed the feat, but the teaser video suggested that it was accomplished through liquid nitrogen cooling, meaning it lacks any real-world application at the moment. There’s still time for this record to be broken once more, with ASUS appearing tomorrow, followed by EVGA and ASRock later in the week.

Back in the air-cooled consumer space, G.Skill managed to achieve an unprecedented 5000MHz memory in dual-channels back in March, once again in partnership with MSI. This was thanks to the winning combination of the MSI Z370I GAMING PRO CARBON AC motherboard and Intel’s Core i7-8700K processor, helping G.Skill push its highly regarded Trident Z RGB DDR4-47000MHz another 300MHz past its base clock.

“Previously, the 5GHz memory speed is only achievable in extreme overclocking and in single-channel. We’re excited to share that we’ve been able to achieve the 5GHz memory speed in not only air-cooling conditions, but also in dual-channels. This is a major milestone for us,” says Tequila Huang, Corporate Vice President, G.Skill International.

This isn’t quite on the consumer market just yet, but the company is making “every effort to bring the experience of extreme performance to worldwide users.”

KitGuru Says: Things are progressing quite fast in the memory space, and G.Skill seems to be doing a fantastic job of dominating the title of “world’s best” in many areas. We’ll have to wait and see if Corsair or other competition has anything in the works to dethrone G.Skill any time soon.

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