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Corsair unveils the upcoming Vengeance DDR5 memory modules

Intel 12th Gen processors are expected to come within a month and will be the first CPUs to support DDR5 memory. As the launch of these new processors comes closer, memory manufacturers have started to produce and show their DDR5 memory modules, with the latest being the new Corsair Vengeance DDR5 series. 

Although the company hasn't revealed any specifications of their upcoming DDR5 memory modules, it still showed the heatsink design. The new Vengeance modules share some similarities with the previous DDR4 memory modules, including the triangle patterns and the heatsink shape. Besides the Vengeance DDR5 modules, Corsair is also expected to launch the Dominator DDR5 series modules.

We expect to learn more about the specifications of Corsair's upcoming modules once Intel releases their new CPUs. Based on the JEDEC standard, Corsair DDR5 modules should at least offer 4800 MT/s at 1.1V, but higher clocked kits running at higher voltages should come as well. Vengeance memory kits should be aimed at entry-level and mid-grade gaming systems, so expect them to be lower clocked than Dominator modules, which are usually targeted at the high-end market.

Corsair didn't reveal when it will launch the new modules, but as spotted by VideoCardz, it looks like the company is already sending engineering samples to reviewers to accompany Alder Lake CPUs.

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KitGuru says: For those planning to build a system using Alder Lake-S CPUs, will you choose DDR4 or DDR5 memory? 

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