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Crucial Ballistix Max hits over 7000MHz, setting new world record

A new world record for memory frequency has been set this week, with one overclocker pushing a 16GB module of Crucial Ballistix Max DDR4 RAM to over 7000MHz. 

The new record was achieved by overclocker ‘baby-J', using Crucial Ballistix Max DDR4-4000 memory. In order to achieve the massive 7000MHz memory frequency, LN2 cooling is used. Officially, the record was set at 7004.2MHz with 22-26-26-46 timings, but the screenshot uploaded by the overclocker shows a 7006.4MHz memory frequency. Nonetheless, when compared to the original frequency of this kit, this is an improvement of over 75%.


The previous record-holder bianbao XE, achieved an overclock of 6666MHz using the same memory modules, but the rest of the system differs quite a bit. Baby-J was able to cross the 7000MHz mark by using a Ryzen 5 Pro 4650G overclocked to 4.2GHz on an MSI B550 Unify-X motherboard. For those who don't know, the MSI B550 Unify-X is part of the company's enthusiast series and comes with only 2x DIMM slots, offering a clearer memory signal.

Putting this speed into perspective, 7000MHz is within the realm of speeds expected from DDR5 memory. DDR5 speeds are expected to start at 3200MHz and go up to 8400MHz, but we are unlikely to see DDR5 memory hit the market until later next year.

KitGuru says: How many of you overclock your RAM? What's the highest speed you've managed to achieve? 

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