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You can now transfer Spider-Man’s PS4 save to PS5 – but there’s a catch

When Insomniac Games first announced the PS5 remaster of 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man, many fans expressed annoyance at the fact that save files from the original PS4 version would not be transferable to the remaster. Following the feedback, Insomniac Games promised to add the functionality. Players can now transfer their PS4 save files, though there is a major catch.

We previously reported that Insomniac Games promised to add the ability to transfer save files from the PS4 version to Spider-Man to the PS5 remaster. Though there was initially no solid relate date, the update has now gone live meaning that those who wished to play the remaster on PS5 could now do so with all their unlocks already available and collectibles collected.

Unfortunately, there appears to be somewhat of a major catch when it comes to the save transfer. In order to transfer the save file, you must first install the PS4 version of Spider-Man, update it to the latest software version, then upload that updated save file. Next you must update the software version of the PS5 remaster, then download the save file from the files select menu – only then can you play with your old save file.

The main issue with this is that it requires players to still own a copy of the original Spider-Man, a game which many people may have sold in anticipation of the remaster. Of course, it is somewhat understandable that the file transfer is convoluted as there was initially no intention to offer the ability. Therefore, even though players have to jump through a few hoops to transfer their save data, at least it is now possible to do so.

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