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DDR5 memory prices have dropped considerably this year

Late last year, Intel launched its Alder Lake processors, ushering in the age of DDR5 memory. At first, DDR5 memory prices were through the roof, with 32GB kits going for over £400. Since then, the market has improved considerably. 

ComputerBase has been checking in on the price of DDR5 memory for a while. At launch, a DDR5-4800 32GB memory kit would have set you back over £400, but now, similar kits can be found for less than £150. That puts the price of a gigabyte of DDR5 memory below €5, whereas the same gigabyte would cost €15 in late 2021. In the last month alone, the price of the kit used for reference (Kingston ValueRAM DIMM kit) dropped 20%. If things keep going at this pace, we may see DDR5 kits reaching the prices of DDR4 kits before the end of the summer.

Image: TeamGroup DDR5 memory via TeamGroup

However, SO-DIMM kits aren't the only ones getting cheaper. U-DIMM kits have also dropped considerably. A 16GB U-DIMM DDR5-4800 module was priced at €99 in February, but can now be found available for €42.

It's worth noting that these price improvements are most noticeable in DDR5-4800 memory. If you want a kit with speeds reaching 6,000MHz, you'll need to spend at least €250. For anything beyond that, you may end up paying over €400.

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KitGuru says: With Intel and AMD expected to launch new DDR5-compatible platforms later this year, demand for DDR5 memory is likely going to increase, which may lead to further pricing fluctuations. 

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