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GeiL reveals the world’s first DDR5 memory with active fan cooling

With the jump to DDR5, the new standard includes the PMIC and VRMs on the memory module, which is great for power management and speeds, but can lead to increased temperatures. With that in mind, memory makers are finding new ways to keep DDR5 memory cool, with GeiL unveiling the first DDR5 modules with active fan cooling. 

Available in dark grey and white, the new Evo V DDR5 memory line-up has the world's first modules using two small RGB fans to cool the aluminium heatsink. The two fans are located in the top right and left, increasing thermal dissipation by 45%, according to GeiL's data. The heatsink is still compact enough despite packing two fans, so the modules shouldn't interfere with the CPU cooler.

As with most, if not all, DDR5 modules, users will benefit from the XMP 3.0 profile, making it easier to overclock their modules. Moreover, it also has a locked/unlocked PMIC to provide threshold protection, synchronized voltage monitoring, smart voltage control, and power management for a more comprehensive voltage control under any conditions. Lastly, it features on-chip ECC to improve data integrity and enhance memory performance and stability.

There will be multiple 32GB and 64GB memory kits (two modules) with speeds ranging between 4800MHz and 6600MHz, voltages between 1.1V and 1.35V, and CL timings between 34 and 40. GeiL's new fan-cooled DDR5 memory should be available starting in July.

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KitGuru says: Do you think GeiL's dual-fan cooling solution is worth it for DDR5 modules? Will other brands launch DDR5 memory using a similar design?

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