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XPG sets record for overclocked DDR5 memory

JEDEC's standard for DDR5 memory sets its clock speed at 4800 MT/s. Compared to what DDR4 offers, that's already a pretty decent upgrade. However, like DDR4 memory, the modules can be pushed way beyond the JEDEC standard through overclocking. XPG did just that, pushing a DDR5 memory module to over 8100 MT/s.

XPG, Adata's gaming brand, currently holds the record for achieving the highest DDR5 memory frequency. XPG Overclocking Lab was able to push an XPG DDR5 module over 8100 MT/s two times. In the first result, XPG clocked the DDR5 module at 8,118MT/s frequency with 50-50-50-160-210 timings.

On the second successful overclock, the clock speed was down to 8104MT/s, but timings improved to 52-52-52-96-148. It's unclear which module was used, but XPG claims its stock clock was set at 4800MT/s.

In the announcement, XPG also stated that it will launch a range of DDR5 memory modules for all types of users, including gamers, PC enthusiasts, overclockers, and more. XPG's lineup of DDR5 memory modules will be available later this month.

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KitGuru says: Early overclocking results for DDR5 memory continue to look promising, but things are only going to improve with time as DDR5 matures and more people adopt it.

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