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Enta teams up with ADATA to increase overall sales

How much product you can sell into a market depends on many things – including desirability, price and your marketing. That said, at a much more fundamental level, there is the question of ‘availability’. Is the product available to buy, at all. The more places that stock your product, generally, the higher your sales. KitGuru has learned of a significant handshake in the NAND area.

You may well have heard of Enta. It is a major distributor which began life in 1990 and the name itself is all about ENgland and TAiwan doing business together, hence EN and TA.

Enta carries over 9,000 product lines and is able to drive product smoothly from the Far East onto the shelves of stores across the UK. Alongside the obvious line-up from companies like AMD, Intel and Microsoft, they are also the main supplier for all those Arctic Cooling products you know and love. Yep, they are connected everywhere.

At the same time, ADATA is a massive memory company. In 2010, the independent market analysis company iSuppli declared that ADATA was now the world’s second largest supplier of DDR memory modules.

If you haven’t heard much about ADATA, then that might be because a lot of what they have done, traditionally, has been something they call ‘contract’ work in the Far East. The supply of memory directly to companies like Asus and Sony, which happens in HUGE volume, but is never seen in stores etc. That is changing and, these days, ADATA is ready to make more of a splash about its true size and intentions.

This new partnership will come into effect as Computex begins in Taiwan at the start of June – and it will provide a huge new range of options for both parties.

Jon Atherton, Commercial Vice President for Enta, said: “ADATA is a great brand with an exciting roadmap and we’re very proud to be working with them in the future”.

Craig Connell, (who has in the past driven sales successfully for ATi, nVidia and AMD, but is now Head of Regional Sales for ADATA), said “Enta is exactly the kind of distributor we have been looking for. They have a vibrant customer base and we will be working hard to make sure that everyone in that chain can make serious money with ADATA”.

Asked about the most immediate benefits, Connell said “The launch of Intel’s 4th Generation Core Processor family will see a strong surge in demand for very fast memory products, like the new 2,800MHz DDR3 modules that we have just launched. Enta has a strong reputation among the kind of stores that will be selling Z87 boards and we want to make sure that as many as possible come supplied with ADATA DDR3”.

Craig Connell and Jon Atherton may well sneak off at night to dress up as Batman and Robin. By day, they are planning global domination in the memory markets.
Craig Connell and Jon Atherton may well sneak off at night to dress up as Batman and Robin. By day, they are planning global domination in the memory markets for ADATA and ENTA respectively.


KitGuru says: If ADATA can execute its roadmap in a timely fashion and remain competitive on price, then it is likely to pick up market share in 2013/14 now that it is being more aggressive in terms of distribution.

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