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Plextor SSD Golden Ratio competition launches

What is the Golden Ratio for SSDs?  Good question and one that Plextor wants you to consider. They have set up a special site for this question and are now offering some very cool prizes to those in the know. KitGuru has had a go, but before we get into that, let’s cast an eye back into the annals of time.

Back in the days when a 4x speed CD burner cost around $300, Plextor was the leading brand for most of the optical storage drive markets.

While generally not first to market, Plextor prides itself on developing the most reliable technology possible in each area.

For example, it pushes hard on the fact that EVERY one of its new drives undergoes rigorous testing and is guaranteed for 5 years.

It has now turned that attention to SSD products and has launched a competition to see if we, the technology buying public, understand the ‘Golden Ratio‘ for Solid State Drives.

Brand new Plextor competition - in conjunction with MSI
Brand new Plextor competition – in conjunction with MSI

If you think you understand what that might be (or you want to find out quickly and then enter this Plextor competition!), we suggest you head over to this link.

Here’s a little background video on Plextor and what it is doing with SSD at the moment.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJ3LkyP4SxA’]


KitGuru says: How can you resist learning more about the Golden Ratio?   Head over to Plextor and satisfy your curiosity today!

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