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AMD Performance Edition 8GB/16GB Memory Review (built by Patriot)

Rating: 8.5.

Today we are looking at the latest AMD ‘Performance Edition’ memory, created in partnership with enthusiast favourite, Patriot. This AMD gaming memory is set to target the wide audience of gamers who are looking for compatible, high performance memory for a new system build.

Many enthusiast users are still running with generic 1333mhz memory, so today we will see the gains you can achieve with the new memory. To round out the review, we move the memory to an ultra high end Intel system in a QUAD channel configuration, to test the ultimate performance.

AMD have said that these modules are optimised for AMD platforms, although the details of what they have changed haven’t been made available. Regardless, we already know that Patriot produce a quality product so we are already confident that they will work well across a variety of systems.

We have been told that AMD have worked with Patriot to ensure compatibility with the Intel Platform, although we aren’t sure that an Intel user will want memory with AMD branding on the heatspreaders. Regardless, at the end of the review we will test this on a class leading ASUS Rampage IV Extreme motherboard, which is in my humble opinion the finest X79 motherboard on the market.

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  • davisd

    Well I had a moment of ‘wtf’ there until I saw it was patriot. I thought AMD had given up on processors to focus on memory.

    Nice looking heatspreaders, but they do face a tough market against G>SKILL who seem even cheaper than this.

  • joseph

    1866mhz is quite good for this. £40 is also good. Very colourful looking memory. Nice job.

  • Brian D

    WOw thats exactly what I need for my new FX build. going to order a kit this weekend. thanks !

  • Jeremy

    I was heading into this with disappointment as I dont want AMD to make memory, but this is a clever way to do it. Get PAtriot to qualify some special grade sticks.

    I like the heatspreaders.

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