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Kingston HyperX 8GB KIT 1600mhz (KHX1600C9D3K2/8GX)

Rating: 7.5.

For many years people have been tied to a 32bit Operating system with a 4GB (nearer 3.5 in real world terms) memory limitation. In 2010, the adoption of 64 bit Windows is finally getting off the ground, which is long overdue. Windows 7 64bit is a fantastic OS and the KitGuru’s recommend to make the move as soon as possible, if you haven’t already.

So, if you have just upgraded to a 64bit OS and want to take advantage of a higher memory configuration for enhanced multitasking performance then todays review product will surely appeal to you. Kingston have recently released a new 8GB HyperX memory kit which comprises two 4GB modules. This is a perfect dual channel partner for either Intel 1156 systems or the latest AMD platforms. Buying this particular kit means that if you need even more memory down the line then you are only using two slots in your system and you don’t need to start from scratch.

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  • stefan

    great results from such big memory sticks. thanks!

  • daz

    Interesting results, I would have though latencies would need reduced due to board population. Kingston clearly got their heads screwed on !

  • eric k

    ahhh nice looking modules. quite expensive, but I suppose its like buying two ‘normal’ kits!

  • death dealer

    I love those heat spreaders and its nice to see good performing memory without the oversized spreaders. More enthusiasts want the big cooler like noctua NHd14 and its not a possible combo

  • harry

    They are expensive, but not a rip off. if people wanted 16gb in their system, this is the way to go, I wonder though if performance would lower with 4 of them in a system, lower latencies etc/

  • Tom

    I always liked Kingston heatspreaders, they look very futuristic and purty.
    2000mhz is quite an achievement really from these. you know how to OC Z, thats for sure !

  • Frank

    bit expensive for me, but nice kit as always. you gurus always get the nice stuff!

  • Terry

    I have been trying to buy a set of these for a month now,. no stock anywhere. anyone got links in the UK for buy now ?

  • Horse Radish

    No stocks either in Germany. Zardon send me yours please.

  • Tri Color

    The lifetime warranty is a good bonus. wonder if they could tell if you overvolted them and they died 🙂

  • Dilbert

    Good oc’s for big sticks

  • bret

    I can honestly say ive never owned a kingston product, but I liked the look of that SSD you reviewed last week. they seem to be producing some quality goods lately.


    I might get kingston memory for my next system, probably 4gb though, not 8. thats a lot of dosh

  • Larry and Mo

    nice performance, and good review.

  • Slasher Dasher (GR)

    they make the sexiest coloured heatspreaders on the market.

  • Tech Head

    Dont mean to sound like im picking holes, but the price seems a little over the odds, 2gb modules are cheap. 4gb are way overpriced.

  • Trev Mang

    Wen to look for prices, non in stock anywhere. not much use doing reviews KG if you cant buy the goods

  • Robert

    Nice, but too much cash, 2x4gb kits are better value now.

  • Hairy beast

    Kingston are good, I had one of their SSds in the past and although they failed to get firmware updates out, it performed well.

  • Robert

    I like those, quality product.

  • Francois LeBon

    A very high quality product, if rather expensive, one for a designer or a designer/gamer who didnt want to compromise. sadly i yet to see any need for 8gb for gaming.

  • Harry Enfield

    rather sexual performance there. almost got carried away with the end result.

    When I find these, ill order them, but it might be a while, looking at stock levels.

  • Sir Eldred of Mordred

    Kingston are very underrated.

  • Breaker

    Is it justifiable to be spending almost 1000 buck on memory?

  • Stem Fasrt

    no stock here in France. useless

  • Kyle Reese

    great review but I must join the masses and say, I cant buy them.

  • Simone

    Wish I could get these, noticed them on another site a while ago, as a preview. but im shocked the review is up and no stock is anywhere in sight

  • Kern Leise

    i bet they would overclock higher if you cranked them to 1,75 volt

  • Tom Beatty

    found this review via google, very good indeed. 2000mhz is good for such large modules. I would be interested, but it seems no where has them in stock anyway

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    I’m using these same chips on a ASUS Crosshair IV Formula board with an AMD X6 1100T cpu,. what should my timing & voltage be set at to get the best performance at 1600 MHz with these here chips. Please advice with as much detail as possible.

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