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Topower 8GB Black Edition 1333mhz Memory Review

Rating: 8.0.

Topower are a U.S. and Taiwan based manufacturer who will be launching a range of memory and power supply products over the coming weeks. They aim to target the system builder and enthusiast user with affordable, high performance products. Today we take a first look at their 1333mhz ‘Black Edition’ memory kit set to target the enthusiast user, on a strict budget.

As Topower are now targeting the UK market we felt an introduction to our audience was in order. After all we didn’t know who ‘Topower’ was either until a few days ago.

The company issued a press release which read:

“The country’s technocentric market of gamers and home builders caught Topower’s eye, having previously concentrated on its domestic markets. These high-quality and robust modules are set to compete with the likes of Corsair and Gskill and, if current testing is anything to go by, they may just do that.

Citing the UK’s national network of extremely experienced independent resellers, etailers and systems builders as the main influence on their decision to launch in the UK, Topower believe that they can address a much wider customer base through specialised outlets, rather than just online retailers.

With over 100 patents under their belt, Topower’s success has been due to a ‘no-scrimping on quality’ policy combined their ability to undercut competitor pricing on like-for-like memory, all featuring a full Lifetime Warranty as standard. The award-winning Gold Series of high-end gaming modules is even guaranteed when overvolting and overclocking.

Topower memory is available at independent retailers now, with their range of power supplies, featuring industry-leading 7-year warranties as standard.”

Bold claims indeed. Mentioning both Corsair and G.Skill in their first press release certainly would indicate they mean business.

We have several of their kits in for review, but we decided to focus on their sub £50 1333mhz ‘Black Edition’ kit first. It certainly doesn’t sound exciting, after all 1333mhz is included now in even the cheapest systems. We don’t aim to take it easy on the memory today, we want to see if 1,600mhz is possible. If not, we don’t think the Kitguru audience will be interested. I know I wouldn’t be.

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  • Brian Talbot

    Well. im in two minds about this.

    1: its good memory priced well
    2: 1333mhz? everyone will just ignore it, why not 1600mhz with an XMP profile, remember a LOT of people dont like bioses. they are never even opened!
    3: its not a good launch for them as people need to be awed by a new company.

    Seems like another clueless chinese company ordering in decent memory and making a mess of it all from a marketing viewpoint.

  • David

    lovely heatspreaders, much nicer than G.Skills.

    Still not sure id buy them, that store you linked in the conclusion looks like a virgin media homepage. I stored a ‘search’ on the memory to look later and its stored in frames so you cant revisit the bookmarked page as it resets to a plain ‘search’ page without holding the name ‘topower’

    they also have it all uncategorised, without pictures and details. its memory, why not put it in the memory section of their store? ill wait until a reputable store gets this for sale. if they dont then it will never make an impact on me.

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