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Huawei: “We will be one of the survivors”

In a highly competitive smartphone market there are bound to be winners and losers at the end of the financial year. Rising star Huawei hopes to be one of the winners. In a recent interview with Mobile World Live yesterday Huawei’s Chairman of Devices, Richard Yu, discussed the future of the smartphone market and where he hopes Huawei will sit.

“In future, in the handset industry only three to four vendors can survive. We hope [that] we will be one of the survivors.”

Huawei's upcoming MediaPad 10 tablet that includes a Full HD display

He also mentions that the two big players in the smartphone market at the moment are Samsung and Apple.

Because of the low returns surrounding feature phones Huawei is aiming for the mid to high end smartphone market.

“Feature phones, you can ship out 100 million, or even more, and that is not meaningful. Because with the feature phone, the value is very, very low.”

In 2010 Huawei shipped just 5 million smartphones, this year they hope to ship 60 million of them. This is astounding growth, and with the 2012 lineup Huawei has been teasing since Consumer Electronics Show and Mobile World Congress earlier in the year it comes as no real surprise.

Kitguru says: Huawei is aiming high, and rightly so. Their recent products have been amazing on the value scale.

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