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Inside the OC Lab at MSI HQ in Taipei: KitGuru TV

At a recent gaming event, Beat IT 2014, KitGuru was able to get an exclusive look inside the MSI OC Lab for a quick interview with main man Manny Chang. Look out for the horrific attack with LN2 at the end!

For mainboard manufacturers, the world of overclocking is like the F1 circuit for teams like Mercedes. It is a chance to show off their design skills – to push the hardware to its breaking point and, often, straight past.

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KitGuru says: It’s a cool little set up that MSI have going on in Taipei. When we arrived, the team was hard at work on a new set of parameters for an X99 mainboard – information that can be fed back to the various design teams, in order to make the next generation of boards better. We definitely DO NOT advise you to try attacking anyone with LN2!

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