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Adam Ciernicki from Seagate explains SSHD: KitGuru TV

While the world of solid state drives is zeroing in on the traditional hard drive, the actual cost per terabyte difference is still pretty huge. One solution is to mount a small SSD on the hard drive itself. Here, Adam Ciernicki from Seagate explains the technology to Leo Waldock.

Looking at an online store like OcUK will tell you that solid state drives now cost just over £300 per terabyte, while a traditional mechanical drive is closer to £30 per terabyte (for a 4TB drive).  Opt for a 2TB SSHD and you are likely to be paying a relatively small premium of around £15 for an 8GB SSD to help cache your most popular data.   Here's the inside story.

KitGuru says: The proof of the technology is in the testing. For now, it's interesting, but we'd like to see a much larger SSD attached to the drive – and for overall performance to be cranked up to provide a serious challenge to a two drive solution.

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