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Chillblast switches all its gaming laptops to SSHD

We’d expect a drive vendor like Seagate to be overly enthusiastic about its SSHD drives, but Ben’s interest is solely on delivering Chillblast gaming laptop customers with the best experience possible. Here he is explaining – and demonstrating – his company’s mobile storage choice. We recently had Ben in the KitGuru …

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Win a PlayStation 4 with Seagate SSHD

In the next-gen console wars, Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been the runaway winner. Only significant recent price drops from competitors have managed to slow the PS/4 down at all. So, given how popular this gaming hub is, how can you make it better? KitGuru has teamed up with storage giant …

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Seagate ships its 10 millionth solid-state hybrid drive

Seagate Technology on Wednesday announced that it has shipped its 10 millionth solid-state hybrid drive. While the number is rather respectable, it just proves that hybrid drives that combine rotating media and large NAND flash cache are not really popular among end-users. Seagate introduced its first SSHD in 2010 (although it …

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Seagate debuts new SSHDs


Seagate has announced a new line of hybrid drives, melding solid state technology with traditional hard drive platters, in a variety of sizes and shapes – making them applicable for both laptops as well as desktop PCs for those that don’t want to take the jump to a single SSD …

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