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AMD to release A68 chipsets next month – report

Advanced Micro Devices is projected to release its new-generation entry-level chipsets next month, according to a media report. While typically launches of new chipsets should boost sales of mainboards, motherboard manufacturers are not really happy with AMD because they still have a lot of current-gen core-logic sets.

AMD A68 chipset will support the company’s accelerated processing units (APUs) in FM2+ and FM2 packaging. Unlike the currently available AMD A58 entry-level core-logic set, the A68 will support USB 3.0 technology, reports DigiTimes. The chipset will also cost $2 more than its predecessor.

Since makers of mainboards still have inventories of AMD’s existing chipsets and the A68 was never in the roadmap, they are reluctant to support the new core logic.


According to sources, demand for AMD processors got lower after Intel released its Haswell Refresh chips. As a result, AMD needs to defend its market share, which is why it needs to make its platforms more competitive. The USB 3.0-supporting entry-level A68 chipset is expected to improve demand for AMD’s processors. Unfortunately, it looks like mainboard makers will not release A68-based mainboards in significant quantities if they still have a lot of A58 chips.

AMD did not comment on the news-story.

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KitGuru Says: While better entry-level mainboards will slightly improve competitive positions of AMD’s APUs, the company rather needs to offer competitive processors in order to actually sell a lot of them. Unfortunately, it does not look like AMD plans to release better Kaveri APUs in the coming months.

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