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“Little Idiot” designs world’s best mainboard?

To Italians, Shamino means little idiot. However, in EVGA’s labs, it means Peter Tan: The Godfather of modding mainboard design and he’s about to put horses in the beds of anyone who doesn’t take him seriously.

As Intel processors move from single to dual to quad and finally six core configurations, so the number of threads that can be handled has now reached 12. For a single chip. Move to workstation Xeon products and you can have a pair of these processors working in tandem. However, until now, you could only have them working at stock speeds.

As production versions of EVGA’s much-anticipated SR2 mainboard finally enter the QA process at its factory, overclocking teams around the world have their credit cards at the ready to spend the £500 required for ownership.

KitGuru says: Once you go past an overclocked Core i7 930 processor, you must have a commercial reason for spending significantly larger sums. In a commercial situation, additional processing power can mean reduced processing/rendering times, which allows you to invoice more jobs. Once you are into this space, an additional £1,000 for hardware is a drop in the ocean.
If you think it’s too expensive, then you just don’t need it.

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