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Rival’s Crucial taunt: Can its DDR3 really go ballistic?

Professional applications and benchmarks can be as sensitive to memory response times as they are to overall throughput. On that basis, what has happened to Crucial’s top performaing memory – why has it fallen behind?

Now that rivals Corsair, Kingston and OCZ are all shipping DDR3 with a CAS latency of at least 7 for modules that are rated 1600MHz or faster, where is Crucial’s response?  This was the question being asked by rivals at a recent exhibition and we’re wondering the same thing.

The memory market is fickle – more like fashion than technology. One flash heat spreader and suddenly your G.Skills are having RipJaws compared with long established Dominators and Hyper-Xs. Even the perception of ‘sleeping’ can be enough to lose market share. While it might be making ground in the SSD market, Crucial seems to have lapsed in the memory ring.

KitGuru says: Looks like Crucial is not only about to launch its fastest memory ever, it is also planning to provide the memory bed-rock for a new world record attempt in May. Watch this space!

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