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Intel SSD price cut: Sales-on-fire or fire-sale?

When Intel moves memory production to 22nm this summer, pricing will drop significantly. In the meantime, the company has been priced higher than rival options from Samsung, OCZ, Crucial and Corsair, but has now reacted.

Street prices for 40GB and 80GB drives are expected to come down by £5 and £10 respectively. One of Intel's biggest challenges has been the decision to start at 40GB, while main rival Samsung offers a 64GB drive. Add up the space needed for a Windows 7 installation, office applications and a standard set of media tools – you're left with a serious question mark over a 40GB SSD. The 24GB extra offered by Samsung would give you 3x iPod Nano's worth of pics, vids and tunes.

KitGuru says: Don't look an SSD gift horse in the mouth. Adding SATA2 drives (inside or out) is easy enough and the solid state boot time is enough to make you smile. Happiness just got cheaper. That's a good thing, right?

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