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Crucial to reveal white DDR4 memory modules for overclockers

Nowadays virtually all makers of mainboards offer motherboards with various exotic colours, including white or even silver. Makers of memory modules have traditionally been more conservative and typically such products come with black heat spreaders and PCBs. However, Crucial, a division of Micron, decided to release something for modders, who …

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Overclockers taking pre-orders for Corsair DDR4 RAM

Overclockers UK is now taking pre-orders for Corsair Vengeance and Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 memory kits in preparation for Intel’s upcoming X99 chipset. In addition, the store is already offering a range of Crucial Ballistix DDR4 modules. Corsair Vengeance RAM starts off  at £239.99 for a 16GB 2666 MHz kit and …

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Rival’s Crucial taunt: Can its DDR3 really go ballistic?

Professional applications and benchmarks can be as sensitive to memory response times as they are to overall throughput. On that basis, what has happened to Crucial’s top performaing memory – why has it fallen behind? Now that rivals Corsair, Kingston and OCZ are all shipping DDR3 with a CAS latency of …

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