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ASRock launches world’s first Z87 board with Thunderbolt

In what is sure to be a massive flood of new mainboard products into the market, Asrock has wasted no time in delivering a special board with some very cool features that’s looking to stand out from the crowd. KitGuru takes a peak and reports the latest Haswell news.

Thunderbolt is a way to connect technologies together at a rate that makes USB 3.0 look like it needs a Zimmerframe.

Traditional transfers have tended to be for a single device and measured in megabytes a second.

The new system will daisy chain up to 6 devices with speeds around the 1GB/sec mark.

Now that technology has been certified on Asrock’s brand new Z87 Extreme9/ac – which is good news for any geeks who want to blast data here, there and everywhere across a brand new system in, let’s guess, June.

Alongside the promise of silky smooth transfers, Asrock will be loading its new Z87 boards with a heap of goodies under the heading of A-Style.

Armed with Thunderbolt connectivity, Asrock's latest boards promise a host of other goodies
Armed with Thunderbolt connectivity, Asrock’s latest range of boards also promise a host of other goodies

KitGuru says: In just a few short days, the world will seem like a better place for geeks. Whether it’s new graphic cards, new mainboards or new processors – there’s a lot of cool stuff coming.

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