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ASUS announces new PA328Q 32in 4K display

Ah CES, the time of year when a journalist's eyes bleed there's so much ‘news' out there and you can't help but wish your pockets were a bit deeper so you could afford all the new goodies being announced. One such company that's showing off a lot of new gear …

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Roccat Siru gaming mousepad review

As the results of KitGuru's recent online poll has shown, a whopping 93% of you are PC gaming aficionados – masters of the keyboard and mouse on a decent PC. Our latest KitGuru Labs test focuses on the connection between mouse and desk. The all important mousepad. Sticky fingers need …

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MLG to build world’s biggest dedicated eSports gaming arena

Major League Gaming, one of the world's premier eSports organisations, has announced a partnership with two Chinese firms, which are going to help it build a 15,000 spectator eSports arena on Hengqin Island in Zhuhai, China. Unlike other previously held games in venues like the Staples Centre which hosted the …

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Riot fines LoL pro player over toxic play

“Toxic” players is a term thrown around a lot in the League of Legends community, often aimed at the worst of a small group of players that make a habit of belittling others and harassing their gameplay at every turn. However sometimes that attitudes pervades the professional leagues as well …

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