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Philips is looking to make USB-C a new standard for interconnectivity

While the Ultra HD Brilliance 328P6VUBREB is the latest product to house Philips’ proprietary USB-C docking solution, the technology has made its way into a number of devices throughout the year. It seems as though the company is pushing for USB-C to become a new standard of interconnectivity, pairing with a number of other features to ensure a smooth, professional experience.

Philips’ European Product Manager, Artem Khomenko told KitGuru that its USB-C dock is an efficient solution to cable management, allowing wires to plug directly into the monitor, while a USB-C cables connect to other devices such as laptops. Paired with Philips’ KVM technology, users can control several devices from a single monitor, mouse and keyboard.

“It’s not just about the USB-C, it’s about complete professional solutions,” states Khomenko as he proceeds to showcase Philips’ other professional features. In an effort to think ahead of the initial purchase, Philips has made it easier than ever to combines multiple monitors together with its pop-up webcam and foldable logo, ensuring a near-seamless connection to daisy chain displays.

So far, it doesn’t seem like there’s any true competitor to Philips’ USB-C dock currently within the display market, which prompts thoughts as to how well the technology will catch on. Philips remains committed, however including the features across a range of devices at different price points.

KitGuru Says: The degree of interconnectivity offered by the USB-C connector rivals, if not exceeds the HDMI. That isn't to say Philips is trying to replace the widely adopted technology, as it continues to embrace the HDMI port, but it poses an interesting question as to whether the company sees it as a successor in the making. What do you think of Philips' effort with the USB-C connector?

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