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Fallout 76 beta arrives next month, will give access to the full game

We're coming up to October, which means it is time for Bethesda to start gearing up for its big Fallout 76 beta. The multiplayer title is heading our way in mid-November but we'll have access to the full game in just a few weeks time as extensive beta testing gets underway.

As explained earlier this year, the Xbox One will get access first. The Fallout 76 beta kicks off on the 23rd of October for Xbox players, while those on PC and PS4 will get access one week later, on the 30th of October. The lengthy beta test is intended to “stress test and break the game”, which will give the developers a chance to squash any major issues in time for launch.

Specific server online and offline times have not been confirmed yet. However, it sounds like those who pre-ordered will get to spend plenty of time exploring Appalachia, running into other players along the way.

In order to get beta access, you will need to pre-order the game. Bethesda has not confirmed any plans for a truly open beta at this time. The beta will weigh in at 45GB and no pre-load will be available. PC players won't have to redownload the game at launch but console owners will. The final tidbit of info is that player progress from the beta should carry over to the final game, so you won't be starting from scratch when Fallout 76 launches on the 14th of November.

KitGuru Says: While a multiplayer Fallout wasn't exactly on my wishlist, I am very interested in trying this one out. Are any of you looking to Fallout 76? Will you be hopping in for the beta next month?

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