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Apple launches iPhone 15 with USB-C

As all the leaks predicted, Apple today announced this year's iPhone and the big change is indeed the addition of USB-C. Due to new EU rules, a universal charging standard must be used by all smartphone makers, prompting Apple to finally drop its proprietary Lightning port in favour of USB-C. …

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HP’s new ENVY display targets MacBook Pro users


Last month, we saw LG jump onboard with Apple's latest line of MacBook Pros, offering up a 5K and a 4K monitor for those looking to use Apple's latest and greatest for productivity. Now, it looks HP is bringing some competition to the market with its new 4K ENVY display, …

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Samsung to ditch microUSB for USB-C on Galaxy Note 6

Quite a few smartphone makers are jumping over to USB Type-C, leaving Micro-USB behind and it looks like Samsung might be the latest to do so as rumours surrounding the Galaxy Note 6 have begun circulating, suggesting that Samsung will be adopting the new standard later this year. This is …

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Not all USB type-C ports are equal: Nine versions of USB-C incoming

The reversible USB type-C connector is something that the industry has been waiting for since the introduction of the original USB bus in 1997. This year PCs, computer components and mobile devices finally started to incorporate USB-C receptacles, but not all implementations necessarily support all features introduced by the latest …

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