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EU proposes rules to push smartphone and electronics makers to use USB-C

The European Commission is planning to introduce new rules that would mandate all electronics manufacturers use USB-C as the common charging port on their devices. This is something that would also apply to smartphone makers, which could finally push Apple to switch from Lightning to USB-C on future iPhones, just as it did with the iPad Pro. 

Aside from smartphones, this rule would also apply to tablets, headphones, cameras, portable speakers and other electronic devices. The goal is to ‘harmonise' charging ports and fast charging technology, while also reducing the need for manufacturers to include chargers and wall plugs with devices, thus reducing electronic waste.

The only snag here is that the rule would not apply if you switch a device to wireless charging and it would take two years for this rule to begin applying to companies. With that in mind, it is entirely feasible that a smartphone maker like Apple could ditch charging ports entirely and just offer wireless charging.

For this rule to become law, the Radio Equipment Directive proposal needs to pass a vote within European Parliament, so this isn't set in stone yet, but we should hear more in the months to come.

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KitGuru Says: As an iPad Pro user, the lack of USB-C on the iPhone all these years later continues to be a source of frustration for me. Perhaps a rule like this would push Apple to make the switch, although I could just as easily envision an iPhone with no ports at all within the years to come as well. 

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