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The European Union prepares its own prototype CPU

As the UK prepares to officially leave the European Union this Friday (31st January), the European Processor Initiative (EPI) is priming the first prototype of its HPC processor designed for advanced computing applications. The EPI was set up by the European Commission as part of the Framework Partnership Agreement, with …

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EU demands tighter controls for U.S. data requisitions

Following its ending of the EU-U.S. Safe Harbour data exchange scheme last year, the European Union is demanding tighter controls and protections on how America requests information from EU companies. If those assurances aren't received soon, it may start taking enforcement actions against various firms. Safe Harbour previously gave U.S. companies the …

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The EU agrees to get rid of roaming charges

The European Union has finally reached an agreement that will result in the end of roaming charges for those travelling within the 28 member countries of Europe, though this new plan doesn't start until June 2017. The new agreement was made after several months of planning, the deal also means …

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Pirate Parties are gunning for European parliament

With the European elections less than two weeks away, many political parties around the country and the continent have been ramping up the rhetoric and sending out their adverts in an attempt to sway voters. This is pretty standard fare, but what isn't, are the numbers of Pirate Parties looking …

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EU wants to force telecoms firms to work together


If we've learned one thing from the way that our British telecoms companies handled the auction for the 4G spectrum, is that give and take isn't a phrase they're particularly fond of. The EU Commission is just as familiar with this practice and it's keen to put a stop to …

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