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World Wide Web creator wants EU to protect net neutrality

Right now a group of large telecom networks in Europe are proposing a new 5G rollout plan for countries within the European Union. There is a catch though, these networks won't put down the investment for 5G by 2020 unless the EU agrees to ease up on net neutrality regulation. Now in a last-minute plea, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web has spoken out, asking the Eu to “save the open internet”.

In a letter published this week, Berners-Lee urged European parliament to put in place legislation that closes current net neutrality loop holes and protects the openness of the web.


“Network neutrality for hundreds of millions of Europeans is within our grasp. Securing this is essential to preserve the open Internet as a driver for economic growth and social progress. But the public needs to tell regulators now to strengthen safeguards, and not cave in to telecommunications carriers’ manipulative tactics.”

Right now, anyone can submit their thoughts on protecting net neutrality at Save Net Neutrality or Save The Internet until the 18th of July, at which point the EU will begin evaluating how it wants to proceed.

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KitGuru Says: It wasn't too long ago those in the US were having this same debate with the FCC. Now net neutrality also needs protection in Europe, so if this is something feel strongly about, then it is worth speaking out on. 

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