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Philips 243B9 launches with IPS panel and USB-C docking

We cover a lot of high-end monitors and gaming-specific monitors here but today, Philips is announcing something a bit simpler. The Philips 243B9 is a 24-inch, IPS, 1080p monitor that focuses on user comfort and environmentally friendly features. One of the highlight features of the Philips 243B9 is USB-C docking …

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Philips launches its Ultra HD Brilliance 328P6VUBREB with HDR

Philips impressed KitGuru earlier this year with its productivity-focused Brilliance 328P6AUBREB monitor, however its QHD resolution left something to be desired. Building upon its predecessor, the brand new Philips Brilliance 328P6VUBREB steps things up with 4K Ultra HD resolution and a particularly wide colour gamut. The Philips 328P6VUBREB sports a …

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Philips debuts 40inch curved, 4K monitor


If you like to sit a little back from your monitor, or just prefer one giant screen to a couple of smaller ones, Philips new monster 4K display could be right up your street. The 40 inch panel has a gentle curve to it and features very high contrast ratios …

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Philips launches massive 43-inch 4K IPS PC monitor

While most of us are used to monitors ranging in 24-inches to 27 or even 32-inches in size, once you step up to Ultra-HD, there is more benefit to having an even larger display hooked up to your PC. This is where Philips comes in, with its new 43-inch PC monitor, …

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Nintendo and Philips settle patent dispute

Nintendo and Philips have managed to come to a settlement agreement over a patent legal dispute. Back in May, Philips tried to stop the sale of a few Nintendo devices in the US, claiming that two of its motion control patents had been infringed, this claim was upheld in court …

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Nintendo to face yet another lawsuit

Philips, the Dutch electronics firm, is attempting to get the sale of Nintendo’s Wii U banned in the US. Nintendo has once again been targeted by a company that thinks it owns patents relating to technologies found inside of its consoles. The patents that Philips own end in 379 and 231, …

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Nvidia announces G-Sync

Nvidia has just announced it’s new PC monitor technology ‘G-Sync’ at it’s press conference in Montreal. The announcement started off with an explanation on how monitor refresh rates work, in a standard monitor you have to turn on V-sync to stop screen tearing but then you get stuck with lag …

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Bay Bridge becomes C-programmed 25,000 pixel display

At nearly 2 miles in length, the Bay Bridge in California has been carrying Americans across from San Francisco to Oakland for 6 months more than the Golden Gate Bridge. Through to 2015 however, it will have seriously better bragging rights than its more famous cousin, with the addition of …

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Philips 273E3QH 27″ Full HD E-line AMVA LED Monitor Review

Continuing our voyage through the range of Philips' newly-released monitors, it's the 27" 273E3QH's turn to be scrutinized at our KitGuru labs. Can its AMVA panel and ultra-high contrast ratio guide it to the worthy heights of a successful evaluation? With 27 inches of screen real estate and a promising specifications sheet, is the 273E3QH able to deliver the performance that is required to survive in this sink-or-swim market? Does the 'E' in E-line stand for Excellence or Exaggerated? Read on to find out.

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