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Asus Z87-A Exclusive Mainboard Video

As part of our extensive series of in-depth videos around the top Asus mainboards that are being produced for Intel’s 4th Generation Core processor, we take a look at the Asus Z87-A with an engineer from regional HQ. What does this board offer?

As you move from mainboard to mainboard, within any company’s range, there will be a corresponding increase in performance around – say – the power control system.

Will that actually impact your ability to use the board?  In a lot of cases, the answer is no. Sure, if you want to engage in serious overclocking, then you will need to play with voltages – but a lot of people will not overclock at all – or only apply the kind of overclock you can get by tweaking the bus speed etc.

Have a look inside the highly affordable Asus 87-A with KitGuru:-

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FX9qD8jD0W0′]

KitGuru says: While the ‘C’ model provides an even lower cost model, there is no support for SLi. If you’re an nVidia fan on a budget, then Asus has aimed the Z87-A squarely at you.

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