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Asus Z87 Motherboard Line-up: Debutant Models Within

With Intel’s fourth generation chips knocking on the door of release day, KitGuru was invited to a technical seminar held by Asus to outline the company’s products, features and plans for its range of Z87 motherboards.

As has been the case with Asus’ recent motherboard line-ups for both the Intel and AMD platforms, the company will be putting three main series onto the market.

Comprised of entry-level all the way up to high-end motherboards, the ‘Z87-‘ models will form the largest proportion of Asus’ product catalogue. Expect these models to target identical audiences to those of their current Z77 variants, such as the entry-level ‘P8Z77-V LX2‘, mid-range ‘-V’, and high-end ‘-V Deluxe‘.

Now common place to Intel’s and AMD’s main platforms, TUF, or The Ultimate Force, series boards will be making an appearance for Z87. As with previous generations of the company’s uniquely-designed and well-respected motherboards, the Z87 TUF products will be optimised for system stability and thermal performance.

Where would a mainstream Intel platform launch be without Asus’ Republic of Gamers (ROG) set of motherboards? Gamers and all-round enthusiasts continue to comprise the target audience for Asus’ highest-calibre consumer motherboards. Maintaining the red and black colour scheme and highly-optimised features, the enthusiast segment of the market continues to be a clear target for what is now Asus’ sixth iteration of the ‘Maximus’ product line.


Read on for an in-depth look at some of the new features that Asus’ Z87 motherboards are equipped with, and the surprise that the Taiwanese-based company has up its sleeve.

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