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Gigabyte issues statement on AM5 motherboard voltage issues

Following the recent media reports about the SOC voltage exceeding 1.3V on Gigabyte AM5 motherboards running the latest BIOS (F10D) with EXPO enabled, the company has issued a statement clarifying the method used to correctly obtain SOC voltage readings.

“GIGABYTE respects and appreciates the media’s support and favor to GIGABYTE motherboards. In terms of the SOC Voltage measurement, the authentic measurement point and method is critical since the SOC Voltage will differ by that. The CPU internal SOC Voltage (SVI3 interface) is the most crucial indicator to motherboards, and, in general, the PWM Output Voltage will be higher than the CPU internal SOC Voltage (SVI3 interface) due to various physical factors”, the statement reads.

“Users can use HWiNFO software to accurately monitor the CPU internal SOC Voltage(SVI3 interface), which is indicated as “CPU VDDCR_SOC Voltage (SVI3 TFN)” in HWiNFO. This value is reported by the internal sensor of the CPU to show the true voltage. GIGABYTE uses HWiNFO to monitor the SOC Voltage on AM5 motherboards and it is under 1.3V, which is officially confirmed by AMD.”

In the video above, Gigabyte posts a demonstration of how it obtains its voltage measurements and showing a consistent 1.3V reading, as required by AMD. On the other hand, the measured PWM output voltage (measurement point also used by Hardware Busters) is about 0.3-0.5 V higher, which explains the higher values obtained during the tests.

The company closes its statement by saying: “GIGABYTE consistently works closely with AMD and follows AMD’s guidelines to fully comply with AMD's official specifications and requirements. We appreciate all the attention and support from media and customers. It has always been our motivation to deliver more innovative and breakthrough products to our customers. As a leading motherboard manufacturer, we will continue to provide top-quality products for users to enjoy the best PC experience”.

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KitGuru says: It would seem on Gigabyte's end, this issue can now be put to rest. 

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