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Full range of MSI X79 boards pixellated in a public place

While the initial designs were all on show at Computex 2011 in Taiwan, detailed pictures of the final mainboards have been few and far between. In most cases, the possibility that these are covered by a dark and devious NDA have prevented too much info from surfacing. The game has changed with MSI. KitGuru pulls back the covers to reveal some intimate secrets.

When our cameras were allowed inside the company's HQ back in June, we managed to have a good chat about up-coming products with the awesome Devine, Project Manager for MSI’s Technical Marketing Department in New Taipei City.

On the main Computex stand itself, the X79 designs were being defended by infantry-men from the MSI elite republican guard.

Try to get too close to the X79 design and you have no idea what kind of weapon will impale your body.


The latest images are a lot more detailed and we can only assume that these are ‘good to go to market' samples.

So, here we go with the pics and some analysis on what they probably represent:-

Affordable looking micro ATX model with dual graphics
So, you want a tiny little chassis with triple barrel GPU armament ?
Sure, we're expecting the new chips to be fast and this has plenty of PCI slots too...

We've all seen Transformers. But have you ever wondered what Megatron's mainboard might look like?

MSI seems to have launched Megatron's own mainboard, with FIVE PCI slots and EIGHT for RAM. KitGuru labs will be piercing this with a depleted uranium shell and dropping it to the bottom of the Laurentian abyss. You know. For science.


KitGuru says: Well, that's it then. We have the proof that Sector 8 always managed to miss all those years. Transformers do exist, MSI manufactures mainboards for Megatron and even the mini-bot-mainboards pack  more firepower than a Gadaffi welcoming committee in downtown Tripoli. Prepare for the end of days.

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