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Reddit to kill anyone’s nude photos if they ask

Reddit is taking a stance on personal privacy and has enacted a new policy in its latest administrative changes update that will mean if anyone complains about a nude or sexually suggestive photo of themselves being disseminated on the site, it will be removed without question. Ultimately, any such photo …

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How fast is the speed of light really?

Update: Thanks to our readers for pointing out some of the problems with this piece. Mark Smith came up with a short and sweet analogy for what's going on in the video below: “The times given are how long *we* perceive it takes light to travel those distances. Relativity tells …

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Reddit made a killing on the celebrity nude scandal

Reddit recently banned the main groups associated with the “Fappening,” which saw prominent female celebrities' personal photographs leaked onto the internet and distributed via links and uploads to relevant subreddits and just about everywhere else on the web. However before Reddit dropped the banhammer on all forums associated with the event, …

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Google knows which of your photos is the best

Google is looking to make your Google + page that bit better looking, by helping sift through all your awful photos to find the best ones. Using a new algorithm, the search giant is now able to highlight the “best” photos that you upload to make a collage of great …

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Facebook graph search offers new way to find people

Graph Search

Facebook has announced the implementation of a new search feature that will help you find people if you don't know their names, or want to look them up via certain criteria. Putting in a query like “People named Andrew who are friends with Jacquie,” would help find that person you …

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