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Nvidia Quadro RTX Ampere graphics card photos surfaces alongside roadmap

Photos of the upcoming Quadro Ampere graphics card have surfaced, showing a new 8-pin PCI power connector and a slightly different blower cooler. A roadmap of the Quadro RTX graphics cards has also been leaked, suggesting their specifications and release dates.

Moore’s Law Is Dead has published a new video where it shows photos of the rumoured Quadro RTX 6000, revealing the new design of Nvidia's line of workstation graphics cards. As per these photos, the upcoming Quadro graphics cards seem to lack the 12-pin PCIe connector used in the Nvidia RTX 30 Founders Edition cards and it will instead use an EPS-12V 8-pin connector.

Although it has the same number of pins and the more common PCIe 8-pin power connector, the keying some of those pins in the EPS-12V 8-pin connector is different. The EPS-12V 8-pin connector can also deliver more power than the PCIe 8-pin one, capable of up to 235W compared to the maximum of 150W of the PCIe 8-pin connector.

The video also showcases the alleged roadmap of the Quadro RTX Ampere graphics cards, suggesting that the Quadro RTX “6000-Next” will be available in 2H 2020, featuring 48GB of VRAM, NVLink, PCIe 4.0, and a <300W TDP. The rest of the series will allegedly consist of the Quadro RTX “5000-Next”, featuring 24GB of VRAM, NVLink, PCIe 4.0 and a 230W TDP, and the Quadro RTX “4000-Next”, coming with 16GB of VRAM, PCIe 4.0, and a <150W TDP. The “5000-Next” should release during 2H 2020, after the “6000-Next”, while the “4000-Next” is expected for early 2021.

Nvidia is expected to officially announce the new Quadro RTX Ampere graphics cards on October 5th during its GTC virtual event.

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