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Demon’s Souls runs at 1440p60 on PS5

At Sony’s most recent PlayStation 5 showcase, the console manufacturer showed off a gameplay demo of the much-anticipated Demon’s Souls remake. Video game tech analysts Digital Foundry have now examined the gameplay, confirming that the segment highlighted was running at 1440p 60fps – though there is much more to it.

Developed by Bluepoint games, known for the Shadow of the Colossus remake, Demon’s Souls impressed many when it was shown off at Sony’s recent PS5 showcase. According to Digital Foundry, the gameplay demonstration was running at 1440p 60fps, though they did stress that the use of motion blur and anti-aliasing by Bluepoint did help in obfuscating this relatively low resolution.

Furthermore, Bluepoint has confirmed that the game will offer at least two modes, one of which is a performance mode. While not explicitly stated, it is highly likely that this gameplay section was utilising this mode. This is further evidenced by the fact that the initial reveal trailer – which was also running on a PlayStation 5 – rendered at a native 4K, but 30fps. Shadow of the Colossus on PlayStation 4 Pro also offered two modes: 1440p30 and 1080p60. With that in mind, the improvement purely based on resolution alone is already substantial.

While Bluepoint promised that the game would feature some degree of ray tracing, Digital Foundry was unable to find any evidence of this – again, perhaps due to it potentially running on performance mode. Lastly, the analysts praised the game’s load times, which while near instant on the PlayStation 5 demo, took roughly 10 seconds on the original PlayStation 3 game at the same location.

Of course, all of this may change by the time Demon’s Souls launches on the PlayStation 5 in November. Still, despite retailing for £70 in the UK, early impressions appear to suggest that Bluepoint is doing everything it can to earn that price point. The full analysis video by Digital Foundry can be found HERE.

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