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Sapphire HD6970 2048MB GDDR5 (Dual Fan Edition) Review

Rating: 9.0.

AMD’s HD6970 has been a favourite with the high end enthusiast user since it was released. The reference design card is a powerful discrete solution but it was never equipped with the greatest cooling solution. Sapphire have decided to replace their reference card with a new Dual fan, heatpipe cooler. At no extra cost.

That isn’t a typo … we don’t often hear ‘at no extra cost’, but Sapphire plan to use this new design to phase out their older reference model, which retails for around £285 inc vat in the UK. This means you won’t be paying a premium for the card and this model should run cooler and quieter.

– Core Clock: 880MHz
– Memory: 2048MB GDDR5
– Memory Clock: 5500MHz (Effective)
– Memory Bandwidth: 176GB/sec
– Processing Cores: 1536
– Texture Units: 96
– ROPS: 32
– Bus Type: PCI-Express 2.1
– Display Connectors: 1 Dual Link DVI-I and 1 single link DVI-D, 1 HDMI & 2x Mini-DisplayPort
– HDCP Capable
– DirectX 11 Support
– Shader Model 5.0 Support
– OpenGL 4.0 Support
– ATI CrossFire Ready
– ATI Eyefinity Technology
– ATI Avivo HD
– ATI Stream Technology
– ATI HD3D Technology
– Maximum Power Consumption: 250W (Typical 190W)
– 1x 8pin and 1x 6pin PCI-E power connectors required (Power Adapters Supplied)
– 500W minimum PSU recommended
– Warranty: 2 Years

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  • Seth

    Sweet deal, hopefully see these for £270 at christmas in UK

  • Brooke

    The cooler looks as good as their vapor X,. they might cause damage to their other, more expensive cards with this. not that im complaining, nice to see a company taking the cost of the cooler themselves. they are making enough profit anyway on these higher end boards.

  • Jon

    What voltage did you set to get 954MHz core? Thanks.

  • Davis

    @ Jon.

    1243, its in the picture on the overclocking page.

  • iain

    Looks great, nice to see it being classed as a reference board too. normally that would be over £300

  • Jon


    Thanks. That voltage look a little high? My 6970 does 945/1495 on 1185 with a Accelero XTREME Plus II cooler. Might push it a bit higher if thats a fairly safe voltage bump.

  • Joey

    Hi, nice review and I have been reading reviews for 3 6970 cards but still cannot decide on which to buy. Which one would you pick between these 3:
    MSI Radeon 6970 lightning edition
    Sapphire Radeon 6970 dual fan edition
    Sapphire Radeon 6970 Flex Battlefield 3 edition?

  • Depends on your specific needs. do you overclock? have you three non displayport screens? is noise a primary factor?

  • Joey

    will not be overclocking, will only have 1 lcd tv connected using hdmi and yes noise is a primary factor. Basically Im after a stable and quiet setup.

  • They are all great cards, so your shortlist is very good. If you arent overclocking, using a single screen, then save some money and get the dual fan sapphire board as the pricing should be the lowest.

  • calpern

    Can this card run Battlefield 3 on ultra settings?

  • What resolution?