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MSI MPG Z790 Carbon WiFi Review

Borderlands 3 at 1440p

In our first gaming test, Borderlands 3 at 1440p, we see the benefit of manual settings  on the MSI as the Core i9-13900K has better 1% lows than on Auto settings. We can also see how the Core i9 compares to the Core i7 and Core i5 when you game on the same RTX 4080 16GB graphics card.

Borderlands 3 at 1080p

At 1080p in Borderlands 3 the frame rate opens out between the various CPUs and we see the Core i9 doing well on the MSI, although it gets soundly beaten by the new AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D.

Hitman 3 at 1440p

Hitman 3 at 1440p is another win for manual settings on the MSI over Auto settings. The gaming experience delivered by the MSI MPG Z790 Carbon WiFi is superb.

Hitman 3 at 1080p

Hitman 3 at 1080p shows a clear win for the MSI MPG Z790 Carbon WiFi but this time the Auto settings perform better than our manual undervolting. This is superb news as it means MSI wasn't entirely wrong when they developed the settings for the BIOS and can most likely roll out a fix in the near future.

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