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Asus Maximus VI Extreme (Z87) Motherboard Review

Rating: 9.0.

Built to serve extreme overclockers and hardcore enthusiasts, can the Z87 Republic Of Gamers series’ flagship model compete with the finest motherboards that ASRock and MSI have to offer?

Perched at the top of Asus’ Z87 ROG tree, the Maximus VI Extreme features support for 4-way graphics configurations via a PLX PEX8747 switch, an 8+2 phase power delivery system, and a host of overclocking-geared adaptations.

Some of the overclocking adaptations include onboard voltage check points known as Probelt, a specific LN2 mode, a PCI-E slot switch, Subzero Sense, and perhaps most importantly, the brand-new OC Panel.

Packed to the brim with overclocking enhancements, as well as its general usage features such as 802.11ac WiFi and ROG software, can the Asus Maximus VI Extreme prove itself as a worthy contender in the premium Z87 motherboard market?



  • OC Panel – Overclocking Command Center
  • Extreme Engine Digi+ III – Hardcore power delivery with premium components
  • Subzero Sense – Find out how cold your board is
  • VGA Hotwire – Hotwire your system
  • mPCIe Combo II + Wi-Fi 802.11ac/Bluetooth 4.0 – Extra connections to next gen standards
  • 4-Way NIVDIA® SLI™ / AMD CrossFireX™ Support

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  • Union Jack

    Thats a hell of a board, but its way out of my price range and I dont need a lot of the extras – still I like to see all the engineering that goes into these high end boards from ASUS, gigabyte and MSI

  • Ben

    Hey don’t knock the ROG boards, I have had one for years, they use high grade capacitors. its not ASUS fault that Haswell wont overclock for sh!t.

  • 63jax

    Well finally, a review of this board from the perspective of a person who would want a high end board rather than the viewpoint of a reviewer who thinks ‘everyone should just buy a £150 board cause this one is too expensive’.

    If I want a GTX titan and not a GTX770 or a GTX780 ill have one thanks very much. I dont give a rats ass about value for money because im loaded. Same with this board, already have it and its much better than a mid range board. Why? because I need all the SATA ports, know the capacitors will last 3 years min at my 4.8ghz 4770k OC and it will handle my 3 way SLI setup without crapping out in a few months.

    Great review there luke, glad you didnt spend 1 hour droning on about a £20 saving on one of MSI or Gigabytes mid range boards because ‘I dont need this product as haswell won’t oc much anyway’. As if this is the only reason to get a high end board.

    Give me the facts, and ill make my own mind up – so thanks.

  • juncarlo

    If given a chance to have that kind of motherboard I know Its beyond the expectations of the owner. I know its good and very awesome.