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AMD launches 7th gen APUs and AM4 platform

Today is a big day for AMD, not only is the company coming out with its new seventh generation of APUs but it is also launching the new AM4 platform, bringing along support for DDR4, next generation I/O standards and of course, the upcoming Zen processors, which will be arriving early next year.


These new 7th generation APUs will be made available to OEMs to start off with. The highest end A12-9800 features four Excavator CPU cores clocked up to 4.2GHz and Radeon R7 graphics clocked at 1108MHz, all running at a 65W TDP. There is a more energy efficient version known as the A12-9800E which has a 35W TDP and lower CPU/GPU clocks. You can see the full range in the slide above.

These new chipsΒ will first show up in systems built by HP and Lenovo this year and according to AMD’s own tests, its new APU shapes up quite well when pitted against an Intel Skylake Core i5, offering similar productivity performance and greatly improved graphics performance.


Aside from new APUs, AMD has updated its platform, introducing the AM4 socket, which was built with a unified infrastructure, providing compatibility for AMD’s entire upcoming processor range, from the A-series to the upcoming Summit Ridge Zen processors. Key new features include DDR4 memory support, PCIe Gen 3, USB 3.1, support for NVMe and also SATA Express.

Right now, this launch applies to OEMs, so expect to see some new systems featuring AM4 and the new A-series start to pop up. A consumer launch has yet to be confirmed.

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KitGuru Says: Hopefully it won’t take too long for consumers to get their hands on these new APUs and new AM4 motherboards to pair with them. Are any of you currently running an APU-powered system? Are you thinking about upgrading to a newer platform?

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  • James Stephen Edge

    Why does the Athlon X4 950 have a base of 3.8GHz and turbo up to 3.5GHz? Hopefully AMD put more care into CPU design than slide design πŸ˜›

  • Lestat87

    Anyone know if they all support hardware decoding of hevc, x265 or vp9?

  • sassafras15

    the column’s format is “Max / Base CPU Frequency” so technically it’s correct. it has a max (or turbo) of 3.8 Ghz and a base frequency of 3.5 Ghz.

  • They support Ultra HD H.264 and H.265/HEVC. There is support for up to 1080p with VP9.

  • chris

    Next year ? wasn’t zen supposed to be this year and zen + next year

  • Ivan Ivanov

    Sadly… No. What they said is full availability of Zen at the beginning of 2017 , and possibly a ”paper launch” towards the end ot 2016.

  • uziwooshan

    If you would’ve put more care into reading than trying to find something to criticize you would have noticed it’s written above max/base freq.

  • Benjamin Hojnik

    What about HEVC main10 profile ?

  • Benjamin Hojnik

    Any word on chipsetless motherboards ?
    Those apus suppost to be SoC already, so theoretically no need for an extra chipset on budget boards.

  • James Stephen Edge

    Yes and they made a typo and accidentally reversed the base/turbo clocks, that was what I was making fun of >.>

  • Ahmed AL-Jaber

    nope …. if they make their own chipset then their relationship with motherboard manufacture will be destroyed ….

  • Dirk Broer

    But they already made their own chipsets to start with, and the last platform (AM1) already was chipset-less. Motherboard manufacturers do not make chipsets.

  • MangoMango

    The irony

  • prd0000

    At last. My phenom 955 is aging now, but I am not in a rush. Still a very capable processor, but lacking things like uefi for 3tb hdd, 3gbps sata only, no usb4, or limited instruction sets and virtual instruction, and many things that have not yet released close to 10 years ago. But still a very capable machine.


    I’m hard

  • uziwooshan

    They actually emphasized on turbo then base. It’s a marketing move

  • uziwooshan


  • James Stephen Edge

    No it’s a clear mistake, hence why it’s the correct way round for every other CPU on the list >.>

  • Shaynalconnor3

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  • uziwooshan

    Must be seeing a different photo version on my mobile then… Still shows 3.8/3.5

  • prtskrg

    This year zen will come through oems and limited availability for consumers, if any. Q1 2017 is expected to have mass availability.

  • rogue1

    PCMark8 Accelerated is usin OpenCL so that will favor AMD more powerful Radeon iGPU. But in real CPU only benches, Core i5 6500 is 39% faster than A12-9800 per core in Cinebench R11.5….. And that ain’t at the same frequency bcoz i5 6500 boost is 3.6ghz while A12-9800 boost is 4.2ghz…..

    Core i5 6500 1T=1.68 from http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2016-intel-skylake-core-i5-6500-review
    A12-9800 1T=1.21 from http://cdn.overclock.net/2/2f/2fd83598_aa265a99_AMD-socket-AM4-slides-19.jpeg

  • AHM3D

    By the time ZEN comes PCIe Gen4.1 will be standard

  • I really want to upgrade to this nextgen platform but still not convinced it is worth it yet. I have and 8570 and dual 480s. I can’t think of a game I can’t play in ultra settings but some more FPS would be nice. Plus extra power for vid encoding.