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Asus shows off ROG Maximus VIII with integrated EKWB cooling block

Asus has today revealed the latest addition to its ROG Maximus lineup with the ROG Maximus VIII, a top of the line motherboard with tons of overclocking features and an integrated EKWB water cooling block. There are even some RGB LEDs to allow users to further customise the look of their gaming PC, something that has become increasingly popular over time.

The EK block used is the CrossChill hybrid block, which unlike a regular heatsink, uses channels for liquid cooling but can also be used passively. The block itself features two G 1/4 threads and using liquid can apparently cool MOSFET temperatures by as much as 23 degrees Celsius.


As always, the Asus Maximus line is feature-packed, with five-way optimization, support for the latest interfaces like USB Type-C, NVME and M.2 drives, as well as Gigabit LAN and a 2×2 802.11ac WiFi chip.

Finally, Asus has also brought back the popular thermal armour for the Maximus VIII, though this time there are some RGB LEDs so users can change the colour to match whatever theme they are going for. With CES just around the corner, we may get to see more of this motherboard up-close shortly.

KitGuru Says: How much of your budget do you guys put towards the motherboard when building a new rig? Do any of you own a super high-end motherboard like the Maximus VIII? 


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