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Fatal1ty partners with ASrock for customised motherboard

Jonathan ‘Fata1ty’ Wendell has joined forces with ASrock to promote their latest P67 ‘gamer’ motherboard. This is called the ‘Fatal1ty P67 Professional’ – a 1156 board sporting a red and black design with a heatsink which looks very like the Republic of Gamers products from Asus.

A young Lars Ulrich? sure got the 'tude - In his youth: Pro gamer - Jonathan Wendell

Tweaktown have posted a picture of the board which shows that it can handle 3 way SLI and Crossfire configurations. There are 10 SATA ports (two Sata 6GBps), six USB 3.0 (two front panel, four rear), a two post digit POST readout, 16+2 digital CPU power phases, dual gigabit ethernet and an IDE port.

Fatal1ty likes to give advice to the motherboard manufacturers and has even added a ‘Fatalty mouse port’ onto this product, a rear USB port overclocked from 125hz to his personal favourite setting of 500hz.

Fatal1ty branded names continue throughout the listing – branded power and reset buttons, signed heatsinks, a UEFI bios and exclusively designed overclocking software.

This is due to launch around the same time as the Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs, January 2011.

KitGuru says: Does a signed, customised board with Fatal1ty involved excite you? Let us know.

Hi Tris,

No one has been in touch with me yet, just yourself. Anything you can send over would be great.



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  • Tim

    it would actually make me NOT want to buy it. but the specs look great.

  • Samuel

    I saw him gaming in california about 5 years ago and i have to be honest, the guy kicks ass. he was wiping everyone out. superhuman reflexes. not sure how he is doing now as he is getting older, but id get this board, if it is as good as it sounds.