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J&W release new ITX based 6 core Motherboard

J&W, better known under the MINIX brand  has just released information on their upcoming feature packed ITX board due to hit the market in the next six weeks.

The motherboard is based around the excellent AMD 890GX chipset which has integrated graphics. It supports all AMD AM3 based processors including the 6 core range with higher 95W TDP. Interestingly, the board also supports core unlocking for the full range of AMD processors.

The feature set includes the new Southbridge (SB850) offers SATA 3.0 support with Raid 0,1,5 and 10 array configurations. The board has a full 16x PCIe slot with VGA, HDMI and DVI outputs on the rear to connect to as many panels as possible, out of the box.

KitGuru says: Home theater fans should take note of this sexy little board.

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