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Guitar Hero and Farmville hit App store

While details on the iPhone 4 dominated Steve Jobs keynote speech at the Worldwide Developers Conference we were more interested in a couple of very high profile games which will be hitting the App store.

Farmville, which has been based on Adobe's Flash Technology is one of the most popular games on Facebook and is going to be converted to a native application running on the iPhone. Another kick in the teeth for Flash technology.

Farmville is a real time social farm simulator which has an audience of over 80 million people. Yes that wasn't a typo, 80 million people play a real time farm simulator. Stunningly, this translates to around a ‘one in five' conversion rate for the Facebook audience.

Developer Zynga said that the iPhone version will include all the familar features of the game such as purchasing buildings, animals and vehicles.

Activision were also promoting Guitar Hero which is available for $3 on the USA store, or £1,79 in the UK. Apparently the new game has a ‘strumming' technique which makes it a first for the iPhone. Songs from The Rolling Stones and Queen as well as newer releases from Rise Against Bala and Vampire Weekend make the grade and we can only assume for the very low asking price its worth a look.

KitGuru says: See, we didn't bore you about the iPhone 4.0 again

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