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Shoot to kill with Gigabyte @ Computex

Most widely known for its mainboards, Gigabyte also has other product divisions that create impressive products from time to time. Graphics is the obvious one, but think about how many Aurora 3D or Sumo chassis you’ve seen around (Packard Bell was using them for high end gaming systems at one stage). We heard squeaks from the 36th floor of Taipei 101 and went to investigate. We weren’t disappointed.

Psycho-killers across the world look normal by daytime, fitting in perfectly with society on a day to day basis.
However, sit them in a dark room with an overclocked monster PC running their favourite first person shooter @ 60fps – and they’ll happily blast everything in sight to kingdom come with a variety of weapons.

Games like Left4Dead left no one in an doubt that even the slightest mishap with your mouse or keyboard could result in serious (virtual/ego) injury or death.

Not wanting its customers to die at the hand of blood-sucking zombies [That's thoughtful of them – Ed], Gigabyte’s engineers have been toiling away to produce the fastest, most precise rodents possible.

Have they succeeded? Well, for that, we’ll need Zardon the Magnificent to cut his enemies to ribbons in a controlled environment. The project is ambitious as the high-end mouse market already has several serious competitors battling it out. Gigabyte will need to deal with the likes of Razer, Steel Series and Roccat if it is to win. Not to mention those other small players, Microsoft and Logitech.

Its key advantages will be (a) It is massively bigger than its 3 main competitors put together and (b) Gigabyte already has a well established fan base for its motherboards and graphics card.

As Corsair proved when it stepped sideways from memory to power supplies, if you have a channel to market, fans and a quality product – then you can establish yourself as a serious player in a new market very quickly.

In Taipei 101, pointing out the best  in pointing devices was Iris Chiu, Gigabyte's main account manager for European sales.

Iris Chiu shows you which mouse she'd use to blow you away. Nice.

Asked for her personal favourite, Iris immediately went for the Swarovski encrusted model.

Sexy shape, aggressive leather and swarovski studs - now that's what KitGuru calls 'hot stuff'

These killer mice come in 2 strong statement colour combinations.


KitGuru remembers reading a recent BBC report on computer gaming. It said that close to 100% of people under 24 have gamed.

Naturally, half of them are women, so it's good to see that someone ‘taking care of the style'.

KitGuru says: Move over ‘Man with a Golden Gun’, Bond’s about to get blown away by the ‘Lady with the Crystal Mouse’.

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