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Cryo Hydro Nemesis SE system review

Rating: 9.0.

At KitGuru we like to cover all the bases – in the last three weeks we have reviewed SSD drives, graphics cards, power supplies, coolers, headsets, drive bays, processors, motherboards, monitors and even the Apple iPad.

Today however we have something really special to show you. Imagine for a moment that you could afford the finest computer components known to man, then imagine you could get a company to take all the stress out of building and squeezing every last ounce of performance from it.

Enter Cryo Performance Computing – one of the UK’s most respected custom PC builders, and a company I have known for many years. They aren’t a faceless corporation mass producing systems from a variety of cloned Windows DVD’s, they custom tune every system especially for the customer. Speaking with any member of the team you are immediately aware that these guys really do know what they are talking about.

For the system on test today, I asked Cryo to send me one of their finest high end systems with money being a secondary factor. Sure, not many people reading this today will be able to afford the Β£3,500 Hydro Nemesis SE, but it should be a damn fine indication of their selection and building prowess, even if you are likely to aim lower in their range.

The Hydro Nemesis is based around the following components:

  • Intel Core i7 930 2.8GHz, Cryo Boost 4.3GHz+
  • Asus Rampage II Extreme motherboard
  • HIS HD5970 graphics
  • Corsair PC3-12800C8 low latency memory
  • Corsair 750W PSU
  • Custom High Flow Water cooling of CPU and GPU; using 2x 140mm HW Labs dual pass heat exchanger, 1x 120mm TFC dual pass heat exchanger, Laing DDC pump with integrated reservoir, Swiftech Apogee XT CPU block, Koolance HD5870 GPU blocks, nozzles and fittings, half inch tubing and anti-kink throughout
  • Samsung F3 1TB HD
  • Samsung S223 DVD-RW
  • Lian-Li PC-B25FW case
  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

and comes with the following service extras:

  • Two Year RTB warranty (upgradable to three years and/or collect & return)
  • Three Year Upgrade Assurance (Cryo buy back any upgrades over the period)
  • Cable Management and Braiding
  • OS and Build Configuration support (either by phone, email, onsite field engineer if appropriate)
  • Price Β£2,495

However the Special Edition version which we have for review today, contains the following changes

  • Intel Core i7 980 XE 3.33GHz Cryo Boost to 4.5GHz (slight variances between CPU’s)
  • Crossfire HIS ATI HD5870 cards
  • Corsair 850W PSU
  • AquaAero 4.00 USB system monitoring and management
  • Koolance Water Flow meter
  • Price Β£3,495

We would assume, right about now, that your eyes have widened …

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  • harry

    Fuck me.

    I am in work right now but ive skimmed half of the review. the performance is mind melting. its expensive, but hell at least its well made. *dell* cough

  • eric K

    i saw the price, and almost splurted out my coffee. After reading the results however, bloody hell. I think its almost worth the price. It would be if I was loaded mind you.

    My own system seems so woefully inadequate now, I almost punched it out of anger πŸ™‚

  • death dealer

    we should have a poll. “Kitguru has undoubtadely high end readers, how many of them however could afford this Cryo system?”.

    What the bets, less than 5%? imagine this going up on tomshardware. its all 13 year old boys, no one would even understand it :p

  • Stefan

    absolutely beautiful, way out of my price league, but regardless. I want it πŸ™‚

  • Tim

    can we have a competition to win it ? please? Zardon, bribe Cryo.

  • Bret

    That lian li is quite a modest chassis, you would think they would have opted for the X2000, high end case ?

  • Terry

    Yeah I agree, we need a Cyro competition. just to even see the crate :p

  • Frank

    I need to get a job running Apple, then I could afford this. You reckon Steve Jobs would like it? I bet he would, but he probably would go use it behind a locked door in his mansion. Frag some newbs in Left4Dead2.


    Wow, I don’t really know what to say. thats just insane.

  • Fluffychicken

    How much? dear lord, how much? I couldn’t even earn that in a year! Id like a job building pcs for them though ! how cool would that be, being able to tell your boss you are ‘stress testing’ the new system for the customer by playing games all day on it.

  • steve

    lol, 30 pages. I like to think id be a good reviewer but id kill myself half way through.

    Nice review Zardon, and that system is a lot of readies, but it seems like the bizz!

  • Mick

    Cryo? never heard of them, but im going to check them out. My last system I had cyberpower build me and it was utter crap. a stick of crap on a crapfest pole.

  • Fred

    Its almost like Dell, but good in every way :p

  • Tom Blown

    That read out device is good, where can you get them?

  • Horratio

    HD5870’s? whats the point, isnt one good enough for anything?

  • Terrance Tribblet

    980x and HD5870’s. the stuff of legend. and dreams. wet ones. ernm. ill stop typing now

  • Hank the Tank

    I nearly went and bought this on my credit card, then splashed cold water over my face. I am still tempted. I cant build a system this good, and my last three have been cheap ass, rubbish. I suck πŸ™

  • Larry and Mo

    @ the guy looking for the LED readout device. You can get them almost anywhere in stores man, check your online dealer. aint too hard to pick up.

  • Brank

    I always wanted to build a water cooling system like this, but im too chicken to do it

  • Slasher Dasher (GR)

    Anyone here born into a rich family? if so, contact me and we can trade places. id sell my soul for this.

  • Dax

    wow, more than the price of my last car. but if its your thing, cant see you getting much better than this. any other UK builders like CRYO?

  • Death Dealer

    @ DAX – yeah there are Dell and HP. they make some great systems like this πŸ™‚

    seriously though, I dont know, I tend to build all my own systems and its not something I look out for. This is better than I could build though, not too proud to say it

  • Dax

    Falcon Northwest ever move to the UK?

  • Stefan

    no, they are only in America, they get a good rep though. crap name, always reminds me of a bird santcuary.

  • Dauth Maul

    The lack of SSD is weird mind you, would have expected to see one as a boot drive

  • Tech Head

    Why no SSD? wtf.

  • Jim oldtimer

    its optional extra for SSD, they do sell em, check out the linkages

  • Drabit

    great showcase and I am sure the rest of their systems are nicely made too. its way out of my price league. I sold my last car for less than this.

  • Trev Mang

    Seems a bit overpriced, going on the part costs, but I pose they offer support and repair, time etc.

  • Ray

    Its only overpriced, if you dont have it πŸ™‚

  • I love porn movies

    Review long enough? lol, seriously. 30 pages. enjoyed the read though, think you covered everything I could want to know.

    Well apart from performance in solitaire. how many FPS ?

  • Dark Knight

    Good to see Crysis was playable :p rofl

  • Trey Kool

    2560×1600 Crysis at enthusiast ! woo whooo. id buy that for a dollar. ermm I mean several thousand.

  • Gareth Cringle

    power consumption is slightly high. wouldnt fancy seeing my electric bill next quarter!

  • Tommy Fran

    While I cant afford this, that is an amazing build. I was over looking at their other systems, some nice looking builds. ill bookmark it and look ater when I get home.

  • Robert

    thats really a showcase of how to build a PC. even the routing is top notch. look at the PSU for instance. and the top area near the CPU.

  • Rockstar lover

    While I cant afford a new PC now, these guys are building my next one, ive birthday money coming next month, so ill get something around 1200 πŸ™‚

  • Loeith

    im going to buy one of these in a few months, not the SE one, but the cheaper version, which is a grand less.

  • Far flung corners

    Great review Mr Zardon, one of the best ive seen in a long time.

    As for the system, Id go for a bigger case for something like this, seems a little small. Why not use a bigger Lian Li? apart from that, very good. liked the photography too.

  • Hairy beast

    Great review, and mega system if a little expensive

  • Frenk Luminious Cheese Grater

    What a design. what a product. One of the fastest pcs ive seen by a long shot.

    Not really affordable, but that happens when you dont cut corners!

  • Steve Vai

    That tubing is wicked. my friend has a similar system which he built, ill have to show him this however

  • Dirk Diggler

    very well built system, but lack of SSD is quite surprising, surely for the money it could have made the cut πŸ™‚

  • Francois LeBon

    The watercooling selection is well educated. this equipment is well known to be very reliable and high performing. id like to see a 980x running at 5ghz however. not many can do that, would need phase possibly.

  • Daz

    Impressive review for a killer system. nice to see a company with their thumb firmly out of their ass. for a change. Alienware take note !

  • 14th century

    Do they deliver outside the UK or too expensive?

  • Eddenberg Brun

    oui oui, I like, delicious build

  • Trevor Smith

    I priced all the components, its around 3k, so 500 markup to cover support, time building etc. its not really that much.

  • Bret Powers

    3k? i think not, seems more like 2.7k by my calculations.

  • Dark mass

    my wallet is screaming at the thought of it, but hey, each to their own !

  • Dilbert

    If I had a lot of spare cash I would buy it, I can never build systems as good as this, so why not. For the mean time, im using a toshiba laptop. sad, yep.

  • southwind

    I’m Drooling as I read these.

  • rich

    i dont understand what all the hype is about. the liquid cooling side is undersized drastically, the cpu block is ok but theres better, the wire routing and cable managment looks pretty bad (custom sleeving woulda been nice) the pumps just ok. to me its a PC full of fluff to make people go wow that dont have a clue. u could build this system yourself and have a much cleaner look then what they came up with plus the performance would be better and much cheaper